Thursday, September 4, 2008

just a quick note

Just a quick hello! there is nothing real exciting going on. Still waiting on those next teeth to finally break through so they'll stop bothering Ali. She's been rubbing her ear again and not sleeping well so I can only assume that her teeth are bothering her again.
I'm a mean mean mommy...I let her fall yesterday and smack her head HARD on the linoleum floor :( she cried and I felt sooo terrible! I let her stay up a little late from bed to make up for it.
I had to wait on mom this morning because Ben wasn't home to stay with Ali.... well Ali got up at 5 and then again at 6 so I got to see her before work. It makes leaving for work so stinkin hard when she is awake!! I looooove to see her before work but it makes me miss her that much more! she's a little piggy too...she nursed at 5 and at 6 and then when mom got there she had a bottle! oink oink!

Biggest Loser starts here at work tomorrow. It runs for 8 weeks this time and I intend to win. I didn't do very good last time (I got like 6th place so not that shabby actually) anyway, I did good at the beginning and then I lost steam. however, I plan on winning and getting my cholesterol down SO, those in Fort Wayne, the next time you see me there will hopefully be less to see!!!

I better get some work done now....will chat again soon I'm sure ;)

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