Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Alison's top tooth FINALLY broke through. We've been working on that tooth off and on for about 2 months now. I am so glad it's finally through. She has 3, maybe 5 teeth sitting waiting to start moving in so I guess it's on to the next one now!!

Alijean is also starting to walk quite a bit too. She doesn't get too far before she topples over but she is trying! She did take a whopping 28 steps the other day :D she is getting so big!

She has this white plastic bucket that we keep her beads in and she emptied it and so her daddy held the bucket up to his mouth and yelled into it making a funny sound. I guess she liked this because she took the bucket and did the same thing...and then she wouldn't stop!

biggest loser update... BLAH! I cannot stay on track :( I won't be winning this season. I have lost some weight so that was the REAL goal. Now I just need to keep going and slowly lose this weight. Maybe if I do it slow I can keep it off????

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Biggest Loser

So, I feel like I should be losing more...but that's okay. It's coming off, just very slowly and I do already feel better since I'm putting all that crap into my body. Starting today I'm going to attempt to wean off of caffiene. I drink way too much of it so.... one Diet Mt Dew a day for me. Once I am used to that I'll think about cutting that back.

Alison is now braving taking steps on her own. Before we had to "trick" her to get her to walk and now she does it on her own. She can get only about 2 maybe 3 steps before she topples over but the fact that she is trying is a big deal!! She's being brave...that's got to be scary for a little kid. She is growing this new "attitude" also. She has a very very shrill, painful scream she does when she wants something and then she'll just sit and stare at you like as if to say "if you don't do it I'm going to scream again".

I've noticed her Daddy's chin coming out in her too. Every here and there I'll catch a glimpse of her and there is Ben's chin. Her Grandma Reynolds says she thinks she is getting Ben's nose also. She's got my eye color...Ben's hair color (so far, I know these things can change). She seems to have Ben's sense of humor!! She laughs all the time, and THIS of course is a good thing ;)

Her one year birthday is coming up fast. I will be getting invitations out soon ;)