Saturday, November 22, 2008

Haven't posted in a while

So, it's been a while since I've posted....
Alison has been very busy learning and walking and climbing on everything!! She loves her little sit on toys that she can push. She has a few that make noise and that just intriques her right now. She is walking like a champ of course. Not talking much yet at this point though. She has mastered the word "UP".
I think she is starting to be scared of the vacuum cleaner. She has always loved the vacuum but this morning she wanted held while I ran it and once I turned it off she was perfectly happy to get back on the floor and play.
Alison had her first birthday recently. How sad that my little girl is getting so big! At her one year doc's visit she was 17lbs 9oz and 29 inches long. Still a petite thing but finally putting on some real weight! We tried to break her paci but it just didn't work out so we'll try again next month.
Any other news..... not that I can think of. Just following Alison around and seeing to it that she doesn't hurt herself with all her exploring. She sure is a curious little thing!
Next week is Thanksgiving and I can't wait for Ali to meet her cousins for the first time! She was too young to make the trip last year so this should be exciting!