Sunday, July 11, 2010

7-11-2010 Just an update on things

Wow. I had no idea it had been so long since I've been on here!

I guess there is a lot to write probably but we'll see how much I get here.

First things first... Alison. She is getting so big. 35 1/2 inches tall and just over 23 pounds. It's pretty bittersweet, as all mothers/fathers know. She is so smart and so witty... and so giggly. Right now she is into acting like a lion and roaring to scare us. So cute, she curls up her little hands and puts them up in the air and roars and GIGGLES! She loves fishing and SHOPPING. Oh lord that girl wants to shop non stop. she asks for credit cards and threatens to spend all of our money. We've been taking her swimming and she is finally starting to enjoy being in the water. She is very apprehensive about it though. Poor thing.. her lifejacket keeps her too bouyant since she weighs so little. I have to hold onto the bottom of the life jacket to keep her upright and not laying on her back. She is learning her ABC's but doesn't quite have them down yet. oh lets see, what else... she is still into dollies and purses and girlie stuff. She is getting pretty good at talking (at least for my ears. seems as though strangers still ahve a bit of trouble with it!)

me... well, still running.. and biking. I have a 160 mile bike ride next weekend. As as right now, 65 miles is the furthest I've gone so this should be interesting. Dad and Dawn are riding also. Ben is signed up but unable to ride because he has an achilles injury that just won't heal. :( We all ran the Mini Marathon together in May and then the next weekend we ran Dances with Dirt. Very run relay race in Brown County IN. Lots of hills climbing, water, down ski slopes, and MUD! Excited for next year! Can't wait for the day Alison can do this stuff with us. We did a 36 flight stair climb in january last year and if Alison wants to do it this year, I'm going to let her. Means I'll be climbing with her but that's okay! On my weight loss.. I got down 60 pounds and seem to have stalled (could it be a mental stall since I can't seem to stop eating?? pretty sure my bodly will let me lose more I just have to stop being stupid!)

Ben.... has started running and biking with us :) As mentioned above he has an injury so is currently benched. Current plans right now if ankle heals is to run the full marathon in November. We'll see what happens with the injury though. Still working at Hightower Graphics. Not a whole lot other exciting going on with him that I can think of.....