Thursday, August 28, 2008


I know he didn't know, but some guy jsut came to the house to drop something off for me and he ended up waking Ali from her nap. ARGH! My dogs are so loud when they bark and it wakes up Ali now :(

and on a brighter note, the toys I bought for Ali from Discovery Toys with my $50 free prduct coupon, will be here tomorrow!! (I don't remember what I got her though)....hmmm, what DID I get??? I know I got the working trio dumptrucks....OH, one of them is a Christmas present cause she needs to be good at walking to use it and that is a light up ladybug. the th...AH, the sunshine market. it's a shape sorter type of toy. I don't know if she'll like it right now or not so I might leave it for Christmas.

Poor Alijean!

Alijean is not feeling well. It started yesterday with a low grade fever of 100.5. She took motrin for the fever and for what I originally thought was just teething pain. I talked to her doctor because he saw her on Monday and said if she gets a fever he wanted to see her. We decided together that with a temp less than 101 that it was probably just teething and to keep an eye on her. If temp got to 101 or higher he would want to see her. Well, about 7 last night her fever jumped up to 102 :( Her doc is out today so if it's still high this morning or if it gets high again today I'm not sure how I'll handle it. she had another BAD night in bed. she was up off and on until about 1:30am. Poor thing! Her fever had come down (don't know if it came down on it's own or if the motrin/tylenol combo worked) to 100.6 which is acceptable. But she was just crying and antsy. I think she was just so tired that she couldn't get back to sleep. I woke her a few times prior to that so I could be sure her temp was coming down and not getting higher. So, now I'm waiting for mom to let me know that she's up and what her temp is.

things are going good otherwise! I'm going to try to get a sign up about the mustang so we can try to sell it. I have tomorrow off also and Monday is a holiday so I officially get a 4 day weekend to spend with my baby AND my husband should hopefully be home too! I haven't seen him all week because he's been so busy with work so that'll be nice too!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

tuesday, august 26th, 7:30am....

So, I'm very tired again today. Alijean decided it would be a good idea to wake at 1:00 in the morning. Daddy tried to help but Ali wasn't having it. She didn't need fed, she didn't need motrin...she just wanted mommy I guess.... I was already tired so today is a killer!

Today is not going to be a good day here at work either. On Friday we screwed up a job royal and it was discovered yesterday. Well, my boss was out so I haven't gotten yelled at yet. I didn't really have my hands on this job so there wasn't a whole whole lot I could do but being lead operator I suppose it's my who'll get dinged first.

I'm excited, only a couple more weeks until we take the babies to the zoo! I need to get everyone's money together and get tickets bought. So far both my parents and Ben's parents are coming along :D I am excited to see Ali's reaction (if any) to the animals. The only problem with taking her Grandparents is that they are going to want to hold her and I'm kinda a baby hog! LOL. Same with Daddy...I'm glad he wants to hang out with Ali and play with her and hold her but then I have to give her up and I don't always want to :( yea, yea I know.....

Christmas feels like it's quickly approaching. I've been asked for Christmas lists already and I honestly haven't even thought about it. I can't decide what to get for the babies this year either. It's getting more expensive as the time goes cause people keep having babies!! Well, I think I know what we are getting Carley.......

Monday, August 25, 2008

SOOOO tired!

6:21 am Monday morning (August 25th, 08). I am so stinking tired!! We ended up not leaving Fort Wayne until about 8:30 Sunday night and so it was after 11 when we got home. then I had to get everything ready for Alijean and mom for today. I hope I didn't forget anything as I was awful tired. Anyway, then I had to be up at 4:30 this morning so I had a short night of sleep!

Our visit to Fort Wayne was really nice. Alison got to meet a bunch of people she has never met before and got to see some family members she hasn't seen a couple months. SO, that was real nice. We got to see Carley and Colton again. Carley is growing so quickly! She is almost caught up with Alison as far as size!! GO CARLEY!!

Not a whole lot going on this week! YAY. It's been so hectic around my house lately that it'll be a nice change from the usual. I need to do house cleaning and organizing but I can do that for about an hour each night and hopefully get somewhere. I need to pack some stuff away and store it somewhere.

Alison smacks her lips when she eats. My mom is just beside herself tickled about how cute it is when she does it. (I find it awful cute myself but right now that is mom's favorite thing that Ali does I think!) Ali stood on her own for....I think her daddy said about 20 seconds....over the weekend too. she did it a couple times but not quite that long each time. OH, and she said doggy! it was really cute and she said it numerous times too. Way to stinkin cute!!

Alright, off to get some work done I go. Not terribly busy today but being so tired I should keep busy so as not to let the sleepies get me!

Friday, August 22, 2008

My first blog!

Well, I am officially starting my first blog! It's August 22, 2008 7:13 a.m. and I am at work and bored out of my gore! I was reading my friend Leah's blog and thought it sounded like a good idea!

I've done nothing but read emails and write emails and think about my daughter today. We are taking her to Fort Wayne this weekend to visit her Grandparents. She isn't old enough yet to know that she should be excited though.....

Lately I've been soooo sappy whenever I hear about people delivering their babies. At the time of Alison's delivery I wasn't all that was a little too surreal I think for me to feel that way. But now when I talk to people about delivery I get all warm and fuzzy inside and want to go back to that very first time I saw her. I still question to this day how Ben and I made such a perfect perfect little creature. She is my world and I didn't know it was possible to love someone so much. And everyday I think that and I wake the next day loving her even more. She is perfect in every way. I just wish her growing up would slow down! She learns so much everyday. I do wish she would learn to walk. I have lots of clothes I would love to buy her and dress her in but I can't until she learns to walk. I think it will be a while though as she in not intersted at all in standing on her own or walking while you hold her hand. She walks behind her hippo walker and she thinks she is hot s*it while she is doing it but seems perfectly content with just crawling everywhere!! (she is of course, cute as a button when she is crawling too! )

Well I suppose this is it for my first blog! I'm a talker so I'm sure there will be new posts added often!