Friday, September 5, 2008

Foul Mood

So, for whatever reason, I am in a FOUL mood today! I hate days like this. I'm hoping that once the morning passes and more people show up here at work that my mood will improve. Not sure what is wrong, I'm just annoyed!!!

Alison waved bye bye this morning to her daddy and she even tried to say bye bye! How cute. I wish I could have seen it. She has also taken to shaking her head no..which is so stinkin cute because her whole little body shakes along with it! I *think* she is trying to say binky now too. It's not real clear but it seems as though she is trying to say it.

Tonight we are going out for hot wings for Ben's birthday. Don't know yet which wing place we will go to but we'll go somewhere. It should be trying to eat wings and take care of Ali at the same time.... I suppose I'll figure it out... I always do. Of course biggest loser starts today so I'll be starting off cheating!! Mindy is in biggest loser too and she is going with us so I guess we'll be cheating together!

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