Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Update

Alison had a great christmas! She got lots of new toys that she just looooves! Her Grandma and Grandpa Cleven got her a table and chairs sized just for her (well, they are a little bigger than her..made to last a while ;) ) She likes to sit at it and eat dinner or play with her blocks. She got a kitchen play set that talks to her so she likes to "make popcorn" and cook some eggs and pancakes. She got a singing teddy bear that she just looooves to hug and dance with. She got lots of cute clothes too. Her Grandpa and Grandma Reynolds made her a wonderful new toy box! She doesn't understand yet how cool it is but she will when she gets bigger!! Thanks so much to everyone!!

Alison has learned how to say Mama and its the sweetest thing I've ever heard.... EVER!!! :D She was saying thank you for a few days (dak oo) but doesn't do it much anymore. She has slowed down on her little kissing phase but she gets very excited when friends come over! She hugged her BFF Isabella when she came over for the day. Then a few days later hugged Landy when he came over! She is signing a bit now too. She used the wrong sign but she is trying by gosh!

I guess that is all for now!!!!!