Monday, November 23, 2009

Ali's two year check up

Alijean had her two year check up on the 18th of November. She is 34 1/2 inches tall (55th percentile), head is 18 in (either 5th or 15th, can't remember) and she weighs 21lbs 11oz (5th percentile). Everything checked out great! She has a small small portion of her soft spot still open, which Dr. Lawlis said not to worry about. I also did not mention that she was recently diagnosed with asthma. There is not wheezing or anything, just lots and lots of persistent coughing. She is on an inhaler twice a day (Flovent) and was on a Nebulizer but her coughing pretty much stopped so she was able to come off of it :D

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I really need to get better at this!

Alright... November 17th... about 8:00pm. I am listening to Ali in her room upstairs just talking away instead of sleeping. The girl likes to talk, I gotta give her that! She is getting so big! She turned two last week!!! We had a birthday party for her over the weekend and she had a ton of fun! It was in Fort Wayne at her Grandma and Grandpa Cleven's house. She got lots of toys and her two favorite where her busy ball popper and her baby stroller... for now. Ali is talking really good, she is making sentences and all that fun stuff. She is one sassy little girl though let me tell ya!!!

The bad news to report on this post is that in September I lost the pregnancy that I spoke of in the last post. :( It was a very sad day for me and Ben (and family and friends) but I have "moved on". I have Alijean and I have faith that it can happen again. I still think about how far I would be and if it was a boy or girl...

All for now... I'll try to come back more often.....