Thursday, August 28, 2008


I know he didn't know, but some guy jsut came to the house to drop something off for me and he ended up waking Ali from her nap. ARGH! My dogs are so loud when they bark and it wakes up Ali now :(

and on a brighter note, the toys I bought for Ali from Discovery Toys with my $50 free prduct coupon, will be here tomorrow!! (I don't remember what I got her though)....hmmm, what DID I get??? I know I got the working trio dumptrucks....OH, one of them is a Christmas present cause she needs to be good at walking to use it and that is a light up ladybug. the th...AH, the sunshine market. it's a shape sorter type of toy. I don't know if she'll like it right now or not so I might leave it for Christmas.

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