Monday, August 25, 2008

SOOOO tired!

6:21 am Monday morning (August 25th, 08). I am so stinking tired!! We ended up not leaving Fort Wayne until about 8:30 Sunday night and so it was after 11 when we got home. then I had to get everything ready for Alijean and mom for today. I hope I didn't forget anything as I was awful tired. Anyway, then I had to be up at 4:30 this morning so I had a short night of sleep!

Our visit to Fort Wayne was really nice. Alison got to meet a bunch of people she has never met before and got to see some family members she hasn't seen a couple months. SO, that was real nice. We got to see Carley and Colton again. Carley is growing so quickly! She is almost caught up with Alison as far as size!! GO CARLEY!!

Not a whole lot going on this week! YAY. It's been so hectic around my house lately that it'll be a nice change from the usual. I need to do house cleaning and organizing but I can do that for about an hour each night and hopefully get somewhere. I need to pack some stuff away and store it somewhere.

Alison smacks her lips when she eats. My mom is just beside herself tickled about how cute it is when she does it. (I find it awful cute myself but right now that is mom's favorite thing that Ali does I think!) Ali stood on her own for....I think her daddy said about 20 seconds....over the weekend too. she did it a couple times but not quite that long each time. OH, and she said doggy! it was really cute and she said it numerous times too. Way to stinkin cute!!

Alright, off to get some work done I go. Not terribly busy today but being so tired I should keep busy so as not to let the sleepies get me!

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