Friday, October 28, 2011

not too many changes...

Other than Alijean growing up and get smarter, there haven't been a lot of changes in our lives. I mean, guess there are but it all seems to be going smoothly so I don't always recognize them as changes. Ben's brother and his family are currently living with us for a few months. Ali is struggling with not being an only child while Kinsley is living there. Liam... well he is grwoing like a weed. Ben has gotten a promotion and is now a salesman. I'm so happy for him as this is something he's wanted to do for years and years. :) I have faith that he'll do well.
Me, same ole same ole. I've taken a short break from running but am at the end of that break. There are lots of 5K's coming up so if I want to be competitive, I better get my running shoes on!

Alijean is her regular ole spunky self. Always something crazy coming out of her mouth. I look forward to every new day with her. <3

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